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Illuminated Conversations Webinar Replay: Stress and Communication

Close up of people working on a business project together

This webinar conversation identified how stress affects our ability to communicate clearly and effectively. From inhibiting clarity in conveying ideas to affecting interpersonal dynamics,

discover how stress influences the quality and effectiveness of workplace communication.

Discover practical strategies for navigating stressful communication scenarios and fostering

effective dialogue amidst pressure.

During the conversation, we shared about:

  • The link between stress and common communication issues.

  • The common causes of communication breakdown in the workplace.

  • Tips for fostering open and effective dialogue even when stressed.

If you missed the webinar, want to listen again, or know someone who might find it valuable,

we’ve shared the recording below.

Webinar Video Summary


  • The video is a continuation of a previous conversation about workplace stress and its impacts on communication and how people navigate stress in the workplace.


  • The video features Dr. Megan Brogger, the founder and president of Lumen Group, along with senior consultants Dr. Emiley Hedberg and Donny Hobbs, as well as operations manager Donielle Simmons.

Key Points

  • Workplace stress can significantly impact communication within teams, leading to misinterpretations and breakdowns.

  • Stress can influence non-verbal communication, such as tone, pace, and voice, affecting the message being conveyed.

  • Lack of clarity and context in communication can lead to misunderstandings and trust issues.

  • Strategies like taking intentional pauses, seeking feedback, and demonstrating vulnerability can help improve communication and build trust in teams.

  • Practicing mindfulness, such as taking deep breaths and acknowledging one's needs throughout the day, can help manage stress and improve communication effectiveness.


  • The key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of recognizing and managing stress in the workplace through simple practices like taking intentional pauses, seeking feedback, and practicing mindfulness to enhance communication and foster trust within teams.


  • The video concludes by inviting viewers to join future conversations on workplace stress and communication on May 16th and May 23rd to further explore these topics and strategies for creating cohesive and productive team environments.


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