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When we’re learning,
we’re growing.

Individual & Group Coaching

Empowering people to reach their full potential is what we’re passionate about and our holistic coaching programs help guide you toward personal growth and enhanced effectiveness, resilience, and well being.


There’s nothing like focusing on personal and professional development with a trained coach. One-on-one sessions allow individuals to really dig into how to leverage their strengths and address their roadblocks with a growth mindset.

In group coaching, 6-8 members set and share their own goals and learn from facilitated coaching conversations and each other along the way. The accountability and team mindset of a peer group inspires growth for all.


Coaching is most effective over a series of sessions, for both individuals and groups.

Your coach will work with you or your group to determine the most helpful areas of coaching focus.

Coaching focus areas can include:

Transitioning from
technician to
people leader

Creating culture

that guides and

inspires staff

Discovering strengths;

addressing roadblocks

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workplace challenges

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Are you ready for change?


Lumin's program helped me to understand where I could most improve, and area's where I was strong. This allowed me to reflect and bolster my leadership brand and style. I have lasting leadership insight for wherever my career takes me!

Wade C.

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