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Workshops & Retreats

We know it's a big deal to ask a team to step away from their regular world of work. But sometimes, that’s exactly what’s needed. Slow down to speed up.


Sometimes what people need is an opportunity to spend a few hours exploring a challenge or intentionally building a skill set. We can create those opportunities for you.

We believe that getting away from the everyday makes a team more effective when they return to work. Off-site events create space for focus and momentum, and result in experiences that stick.



Workshops and retreats range from lunchtime sessions to multi-day offsite events.

We have pre-designed sessions to help teams with specific challenges, or we can partner with you to facilitate something more specific to your needs.

Popular topics include:

Pandemic Recovery: Creating or Reviving Team Cohesion 

Centered Leadership: Managing Stress and Maximizing Impact

Connection & Clarity: Communicating in the Hybrid World of Work

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Audience and Lecturer

Are you ready to refocus and recharge?


“I can't recommend The Lumin Group's workshops enough! I've learned more about myself, my leadership style, and my coworkers and co-leaders than I ever thought possible! I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned to good use. I'm even more energized and more excited about my work and my career than I was before.”


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