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We’re in a new era of work - and learning.

Leadership Academies

Our world of work has changed and so our approach to leadership development should, too. We blend the best of interactive and on-demand learning methods to develop authentic leaders who foster engagement in teams and inspire those around them.

Available Programs:



In this series, individual contributors learn the importance of emotional intelligence at work & how to lead themself & teams in a human-centered way.

In this series, leaders elevate their self-leadership & learn to inspire others through communication, connection, & fostering a positive climate.

We love customizing so you and your people get exactly what they need, when they need it.  Get in touch to talk about customizing a program.


In our immersive, academy-style programs, attendees move through science-based curriculum; learning together and creating accountability and momentum.

Folks today embrace flexibility & easy access. That’s why we provide a network of self-guided resources so people can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. 


Staff Meeting

Are you ready for change?

Offer training experiences that
results in real difference in the workplace.


“The Lumin Group's courses have opened my eyes to the vast array of personalities, conflict resolution styles and experiences that play into how we work with and lead others. I learned so much about myself through hands on exercises and thoughtful discussions, and also gained an appreciation for leadership style diversity. I cannot thank Lumin enough for all the wonderful content they develop and deliver - I look forward to putting it all into practice!”

Jacqueline K

Leadership Academies are experienced in a 6-month, cohort-based program.

Live Sessions  |  Online Learning  Individual

and Peer Coaching   Transfer of Learning Guidance

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