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Shifting Mindsets: The Lumin Group's Blueprint for Building Meaningful Workplace Connections

In today’s dynamic work environment, the need for connection in the workplace has never been more crucial. While most of us find ourselves hyper-connected by way of Slack, Teams, and email, we consistently hear from our clients about the lack of social connection. A desire for belonging, and more fulfilling relationships are common themes in our coaching conversations. Being connected in the workplace goes beyond the simple exchange of information but encompasses a deeper sense of collaboration, understanding, and shared purpose. 

At The Lumin Group, we believe that humans require connectedness at work, and we’ve lost some of that. While that may be a reality you’re facing, we believe everyone can be a conduit of change. With one action, one interaction, and one day at a time, collectively we can influence and positively impact our experience. We believe in being intentional to create and cultivate more meaningful connections. At Lumin, we inspire leadership at every level so that together we can foster better workplaces. 

The solution is not just about more frequent connection, it’s about reframing our mindset and approach to the idea of connection. Often, we think about connection in a binary way – either we are connected or disconnected. What if we instead think about it on a continuum? When we take this approach, we open the possibility of a different set of questions. How connected do you feel? How could you be more connected? This allows us to be more proactive and intentional in recognizing our needs and seeking this out in our workplace relationships. We get to become part of the solution and define what connection means for us and what contributes to our sense of connectedness. 

Based on both research and our experience with our client organizations, we recommend the following approach to consider how best to cultivate connectedness at work. This three-part approach helps to go from self-assessment to action. 

  1. Self-assess: Begin by taking a moment to center and evaluate your current level of connectedness at work. Do you feel a sense of belonging? Engagement? How satisfied are you with your connections at work? Consider aspects such as your relationships with colleagues, the type and frequency of contact, and even involvement in team activities. This self-assessment serves as a starting point for understanding your current connection needs and areas to possibly expand. 

  1. Identify: Once you have self-assessed, identify specific actions and behaviors that contribute to or hinder your sense of connection. Pinpoint areas where you can enhance your interactions with colleagues, such as participating in team projects, initiating conversations, or attending social events. Identify potential barriers to connection, whether they are personal reservations or communication challenges. This step helps in gaining clarity on the factors influencing your connectedness.

  1. Act: Equipped with self-awareness and identified areas for expansion, take intentional actions to enhance your connection in the workplace. Start small, identify one thing you could do differently. Actively engage in opportunities to connect with colleagues, express your ideas and opinions, and participate in collaborative initiatives. Take time to reflect, how did that activity lead to a sense of connection? The key is to translate awareness into purposeful actions that contribute to a more connected and fulfilling work experience.

By following this 3-part approach of self-assessing, identifying, and acting, individuals can take ownership of their sense of connection in the workplace, fostering a culture where everyone plays an active role in building and sustaining meaningful relationships.


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